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The Ceremony
    Strangely enough, many people worry more about planning the reception than they do the ceremony.  However, the ceremony is the heart of the whole day.  It is the ceremony where two individuals are joined together as one.  It is the ceremony that marks the beginning of a new life together.
   Your ceremony should be as unique to you both as who you are to each other as a couple. It should be designed to not only show your love for one another today but to show your future together as Husband and Wife.

   Our Minister's can provide a variety of Modern and Traditional Christian, civil, interfaith, and intercultural ceremonies. The only thing we wish to ask is that our ministers to be allowed to open and close your Wedding Ceremony with a prayer. With exclusive and careful research in our preparations regarding your wishes for your wedding ceremony, We will provide you with an beautifully crafted presentation package which will contain your ceremony script,  personal prayer and reading for your special day and certificates of marriage.  We can add special marriage rites such as the unity candle, hands ceremony or a gift-of-roses presentation. We can provide prayers and customs related to specific religions which can be incorporated, as you desire.

   Our Minister's can assist you in all of your ceremony questions, the overall presentation of your ceremony ("the staging" of who moves where, when, music cues and special readings) and the overall design of how you wish your ceremony to be presented. We can assist you in planning, staging and directing, as well as, officiate your ceremony. We will use our expertise to help you orchestrate your perfect day.

All of our ceremonies are scripted like a play, where each and every detail of your ceremony is written. Everyone and every event  that is involved in making your ceremony a day of your dreams is addressed from the Processional to the Recessional.

Our ministers by using scripture, poetry, readings and customized writing will design your own unique wedding ceremony to meet your needs as a couple and a family.
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